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Mistakes to avoid when selling on the Amazon platform

Trying to understand the potential of the Amazon platform can be mind staggering.  With more than $390 billion market cap, it is one of the best performing businesses in the world. However, you should not mistakenly think that putting your products on Amazon will get you Instant success.  The platform is exceptionally competitive, and it is very easy to get lost in the marketplace. Read more
We will explore mistakes to avoid when selling on the Amazon platform so that you can start making the right decisions for your business growth.

1. Overselling your Products

Having proper product inventory is important because it lets you know whether you have sufficient stock or not.  If you are careless about keeping inventory, a customer will order product, and you will not be able to deliver it because you no longer have it.  Amazon frowns upon such incidences, in the best-case scenario, you will get a penalty; in the worst case scenario, you will lose your account. We do not need to tell you the impact it will have on your business.
 If you are running an online store, for instance, on the Shopify platform, you can sync your Shopify store and Amazon inventory.  It will then automatically update so that you know when to restock.  Having a proper inventory management system will also let you know which products are not moving so that you can consider removing them.

2. Not fulfilling the order requirements

Amazon prides itself on the two-day shipping service that prime members enjoy for free.  When a customer makes an order,   they need to know that the items will arrive in time, in good condition, and without any additional costs.  It could explain why Amazon is a top-rated e-commerce site when you compare it to others.
 Even as a non-prime member, you still want the assurance that your products will reach you as per what the seller is promising.  In these days of social media, it only takes one disgruntled customer to spoil your name completely.  A negative customer review can have a terrible impact on a business.  Also remember, there is so much competition on the Amazon platform,   you can therefore not afford to be careless with how you handle your customers.

3. Ignoring customer reviews

 Any marketing Guru will tell you that good customer reviews will beat advertising any day.  On the other hand, poor customer reviews can sound the death knell for your business.  Experts estimate that up to 92% of consumers will read online reviews before they purchase a product or use a service.
If you have managed to build a good business that consistently gets good reviews, but do not take advantage to showcase such, you will be losing out on an essential, free marketing tool.
 While to some it may look like a dangerous thing to do, you should ask your customers for their reviews, so that you can get valuable information on what to continue doing, and what you need to improve upon. A bad review can help you build your business because when you fix the problem, the customer will only be too happy to tell the world about it.

4. Going toe-to-toe with Amazon

In-as-much as Amazon provides a marketplace for online sellers; it also sells products. Do your research and check whether Amazon is already selling what you have in mind. You will not be able to compete with them in terms of pricing and inventory. Amazon is one giant you do not want to take on!

5. Not having relevant product data

 Anytime you’re listing something on Amazon,   remember that there could be other people dealing with the same product. Customers also want an easy time when they’re looking for something.  Amazon has made it easy for dealers to list their products because you can use the categories and different filters to give relevant product data.
 Make sure that your information is accurate and complete; otherwise, customers will not find your product.  How you tailor the data will also help sell the product because the description is what the customer will use as a buying guide.
It may be hard to do for each product you have, but you can use the online listing software available to ease the process for you.

6. Not paying attention to the terms and conditions

 Every online selling platform has rigid terms and conditions that sellers must comply with.  Even before you start selling on Amazon, make sure you thoroughly understand all the rules; otherwise, you may unwittingly break a rule leading to the suspension of the account or a penalty.
 If there are some rules you do not understand, you may benefit from doing a little bit more research, or reaching out to the customer care support, for an explanation on the same.   Always remember, you are a guest on the platform, and you need them more than they need you.  You should, therefore, be very careful about how you operate and make sure that you adhere to their rules.

Final thoughts

You will realize that you’re doing the right thing on Amazon when you get to win the Buy Box.  The Buy Box feature allows customers to add items directly from a product page onto their cart.  To be eligible to win it, Amazon will have determined that you have done your product listing well, you have competitive pricing, speedy delivery, excellent customer experience, good seller ratings, well-stocked inventory, among others.
The Buy Box feature is something many sellers want because you become the first option for many customers.  Customers also trust it because they know that Amazon has done the proper verification and so they can trust that the product is right.  By avoiding the five mistakes we have listed above, you will find that selling on Amazon is hugely profitable for your business. You can go a step further and integrate it with platforms like Shopify, and Facebook, Messenger, among others.  The market potential will be huge for your business due to the large audience base.