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Before we talk about why you should sell online, I think it’s important that we understand what it’s like to sell. The sale is simply an exchange between two or more parties. This means that the sale is an exchange process between the seller and the buyer. Something of value is exchanged. Once the mechanics of the sale are clear, we must now think about where to sell, and one of the most recommended options where you do not need a physical establishment but online, is to build an online store where you help you have everything in control is easy the most important thing you should have is a computer and Internet connection and everything will be ready to start.
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When selling online, the merchant and its business have access to a global community of buyers and customers who want their products and services, regardless of national borders and diversity and difference in cultural identity. When a business is selling its goods and services online, it is not confronted by such barriers as nationality and geographical barriers and boundaries. The company can reach its customers across the globe in different continents through the internet regardless of where they are located or where their customers are located.


When selling online, you and your business are not restricted by local time in your immediate location, because your business is on, up and running 24 hours in a day, throughout the year round. In contrast to a brick and mortar store or business that is up in the day and closed at night, when selling online your business is on even when you are taking your bath. Your business is on while you are still putting on your pajamas.
While the time in your location might be 2 am, the time at your customers’ location could be 12 pm, but because you are selling online your business is up 24/7, and your customers can reach your business irrespective of local time at their location.


One of the reasons why you should sell online is the ease of payment that comes with selling online. When selling online, your customers can quickly make payments through several online payment gateways that are available. So making and receiving payments is quite easy while selling online when compared to selling offline. Through bank cards such as debit cards and credit cards, customers can easily make payments to the merchant or seller online. Also available for ease of payment are various e-currencies. Another great thing that comes with the ease of payment that selling online offers is that you receive payment from your customers upfront before the goods are delivered.




Setting up an online store is cheap regarding time and money when compared to selling offline. Setting up to sell online can be as cheap as paying for a year’s domain name registration and web hosting of less than $50 and getting various free e-commerce website themes and templates and as affordable as joining an e-commerce platform like Shopify which is a click away.
Measured against setting up to sell offline, selling online is cheaper and costs less, especially for an entrepreneur who is working on a low budget.
Still asking – Why should you sell online? Here is your icing on the cake.


When you decide to take your selling online, be sure to expect double-digit growth. In the last 10 years, the growth of e-commerce and online selling has been incredible and growing at double-digits year after year and still growing. According to Statista, global retail e-commerce is expected to top 2,774 billion U.S dollars in 2018.
Due to access to a global market that is growing, expect double-digit growth in your business regarding revenue, profit, and brand awareness.